Alex Lafortune


Our story began in 2016, where Alexander Lafortune was alone in a college dorm room one night. He went into his bathroom to brush his teeth and accidentally knocked his toothbrush into the toilet. Filled with frustration with not having a store close by to purchase a new toothbrush, he wishes he could order a new toothbrush as easy as ordering a pizza. With his toothbrush in the toilet and no store in site, FortuneX was born. Alexander’s passion for subscription services and unique offerings that night brought about his vision and the FortuneX products to life.
Today, our Dental-Hygiene products bring together the finest quality, unique offerings and excellent services to our new visitors and returning members. We believe in providing the ultimate Dental-Hygiene subscription-box service to our customers. We are dedicated everyday to providing the best quality and affordable in-home services.


Fortune X's mission is to create an ultimate subscription box service experience for our customers. Providing the best quality, affordability, and interactive services, our aim is to continuously reach for new heights while maintaining our core values of integrity, service, and professionalism.


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